Product Spotlight: Datawatch Visual Data Discovery

Ben Plummer, Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances
Ben Plummer
Chief Marketing Officer
& Senior Vice President
Strategic Alliances


The promise of “Big Data” has driven organizations to rethink their approach to traditional business intelligence. It’s no longer good enough to rely on a relatively small subset of businesscritical information that eventually makes its way into the data warehouse or delivered by canned reports. To stay competitive, organizations need to harness all of the relevant information to run the business regardless of its type (variety), its size (volume) or the speed in which its delivered (velocity).

Datawatch is at the forefront of Next Generation Analytics by providing organizations the ability to analyze and understand Any Data Variety, regardless of structure, at Real-time Velocity, through an unmatched Visual Data Discovery environment.

By extending the value of its information optimization portfolio with visual data discovery, Datawatch becomes the only true provider in the analytics market that can access all the data throughout an enterprise—including traditional structured relational databases; semi-structured sources like reports, PDF files, EDI streams, print spools and documents stored in file systems or enterprise content management systems; and the new mix of unstructured data such as machine and social media data stored in Big Data solutions or streaming directly from a host of real-time applications. Associating all relevant data in a visually-rich, real-time analytical environment enables businesses to isolate and resolve problems as they occur, perceive hidden patterns, track emerging market trends, and identify opportunities for competitive advantage and improved business processes.