Product Spotlight: Denodo Technologies

DenodoPaul Moxon,
Senior Director, Product Management & Solution Architecture

Denodo Technologies

The evolution of data processing technologies has left many data management professionals uncertain about adopting new architectures enabled by these technologies. Should they move to a data lake or a logical data warehouse architecture? How do the legacy systems fit into this brave new world? Business users are demanding better, faster, and simpler access to the data, but they can’t risk disrupting day-today operations.

Whether daily or monthly reports and dashboards are driven by data from a new data
lake or an existing data warehouse doesn’t matter to the business users as long as the data is trustworthy and timely.

Denodo, the leader in data virtualization provides an abstraction layer that isolates users from the format, location, technologies, and protocols for storing and accessing data. This abstraction greatly simplifies the introduction and rollout of new technologies.

The Denodo Platform allows IT to integrate data from disparate data sources and deliver ‘business entity’ views that are meaningful and immediately available to the users in a preferable format without the need to decipher various data formats. Because the Denodo Platform doesn’t copy or replicate data and provides on-demand, real-time access to data while it resides in original data stores, the integration
and delivery of data is up to 95% faster and requires fewer IT resources.

The Denodo Platform is a critical piece of any flexible, agile modern data architecture—whether based on data lakes, data hubs, the logical data warehouse…or anything else that will emerge in the next 5-10 years!