Product Spotlight: Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

HuizengaRon Huizenga,
Senior Product Manager for ER/Studio

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

To effectively leverage corporate data as an asset, it is imperative that the business and IT teams work together on the data strategy. The business leadership has to drive the data culture in the organization. Data architects need to be the champions for data value and data quality, ensuring that everyone within the organization understands what the data is and can explain the rationale behind that data in business terms. Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. provides data modeling and architecture tools that empower data professionals to design and integrate databases more efficiently in heterogeneous IT environments.

With increased visibility into data models and metadata for both business and data professionals, ER/Studio is the premier business-driven data architecture solution that combines data, business process, and application modeling and reporting in a multi-platform environment. With ER/Studio, data modelers and architects can handle larger, more complex data models and manage numerous stakeholder groups that require access to information assets. Business stakeholders can participate in the data definition process, contribute to the glossary metadata and terms, and access information on models and metadata at the appropriate level for reporting and analysis. All of this can be accomplished in a flexible and agile workflow environment that responds to the needs of the business.

The award-winning ER/Studio portfolio expands visibility across the enterprise data landscape for improved alignment between business and IT. With support for numerous relational and big data platforms, Embarcadero provides the most comprehensive data architecture solution. Discover the benefits of ER/Studio at

Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.