Product Spotlight: Empolis

EmpolisDr. Stefan Wess,


Maximizing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technologies from Empolis

Big Data and artificial intelligence technologies are more prevalent than ever and constantly appear in our daily lives. Companies are putting these topics at the top of their agendas. International companies with established structures and processes, as well as heterogeneous data sources and systems, find it progressively challenging to utilize the growing amount of data. More and more companies are transferring their business processes into the Cloud for uniform and “smart” data to manage their Big Data issues.

Empolis, a leading provider of Smart Information Management (SIM) software and a pioneer in artificial intelligence technologies, provides an ideal solution with its Empolis Smart Cloud, which is more than just “storage” in the Web: it’s a highly intelligent, yet simple solution for the challenges companies are facing. It combines the digital forces, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. Empolis’ Artificial Intelligence technologies (e.g. semantic search, text mining, case-based reasoning) are paired with Cloud Services to deliver affordable, reliable and practically “invisible” smartness that operates with every business process. Empolis helps companies create “strong and real” AI and makes them “smarter” day by day. Available as PaaS, all applications within the Cloud enable companies to create, analyze, interpret and automatically process structured and unstructured data. Thus, the Empolis Smart Cloud fulfills all requirements for high-performance “Big Data” processing and provides users access to the full range of Empolis solutions, managing the problems faced by the increasing amount of information in complex business environments.

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