Product Spotlight: Empolis Competitive Intelligence

Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO
Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO

Empolis Information Management GmbH

Want to stay ahead of the competition? Then you know that this endeavor demands systematic analysis of information on new patents, new technologies, competitors, competing products, market developments, industries and customer expectations. Beyond that, being in the position to successfully evaluate innovations clearly provides a considerable competitive advantage in itself. Only those, who have access to the full spectrum of information and are able to evaluate that information correctly, are truly capable of making the right decisions and position themselves strategically in the market.

For this purpose, an efficient “radar system” provides essential support in managing these tasks: the Empolis Competitive Intelligence solution is the antenna that brings important information (or signals) to your screen. The solution’s next-generation information and language technologies enable the utilization of relevant online sources to systematically, clearly and specifically provide information relevant to technologies, the market and the competition. The system is especially impressive since it has the capabil¬ity to deliver related statements to the user in a meaningful manner. For example, this unique capability allows for early recognition of technology trends or competitors’ activities in new business fields and markets, thus, assisting you in making the right decisions and in properly assessing your own innovations. Based on the gained insights, sound and targeted measures can be carried out quickly, and ad hoc actions and unwise investments avoided. This puts you in the position to do the “right” thing—faster, better and more efficiently than ever before.