Product Spotlight: Empolis Information Management GmbH

Stefan_WessDr. Stefan Wess,

Empolis Smart Cloud
Empolis Information Management GmbH

With Empolis Smart Cloud, customers have fast access to the full range of Empolis’ solution and services portfolio: Smart Content, Smart Service and Smart Intelligence. Intelligent content creation, structuring and processing for automated information delivery to any desired channel/device are made possible with Smart Content. Smart Service streamlines knowledge-intensive business processes within Service organizations with semantic search, case-based reasoning and adaptive decision trees. With Smart Intelligence, systematic analysis of information helps in identifying opportunities and risk and facilitates fast, intelligent decision-making.

Customers avoid the initial investment of license fees and the effort involved in creating their own IT infrastructure. Only a browser is needed to get started and Empolis ensures the operation of the desired application, eliminating tedious tasks for the customer related to installation, operation and maintenance. Projects can grow as quickly as needed since Empolis Smart Cloud computing capacity grows accordingly with its highly available, highly scalable shared-nothing architecture. All requirements for high-performance “big data” processing are fulfilled with complete cost transparency at all times.

There is no faster, more flexible or secure way to optimize business-critical processes, drive innovations, work more efficiently and flexibly, make decisions in real time and improve a company’s added value.

Empolis Information Management GmbH