Product Spotlight: Empolis Smart Cloud

Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO

Dr. Stefan Wess,

Empolis Information Management GmbH
Empolis Smart Cloud

Empolis Smart Information Management ® combines the capabilities of the digital forces, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, to the unique demands and challenges faced by enterprises and large organizations. Smart Information Management and its underlying Artificial Intelligence is paired with Cloud Services to deliver cheap, reliable and practically “invisible” smartness that operates with every business process.

In addition to the traditional model of on-premise software licenses, Empolis provides Software as a Service (SaaS) for the full range of Empolis solutions, which help optimize business-critical processes, drive innovations, work more efficiently and flexibly, make decisions in real time, and improve your company’s added value.

Projects sometimes grow quicker than expected. Computing capacity must grow accordingly. Not a problem with Empolis Smart Cloud’s high-availability and highly scalable shared-nothing architecture. The application is scalable to meet your needs; in other words, computing capacity can be adjusted according to current requirements. Instead of purchasing more computers, all you need is a click of a button to boot the service (users, data sources, data volume, data sets, etc.). Empolis Smart Cloud also fulfills all requirements for high-performance “Big Data” processing and offers complete cost transparency at all times.

Utilize your knowledge capital to improve enterprise-critical business processes enabling decision-makers, employees and customers to reliably receive precise and relevant information, situation-appropriate and task-relevant, for faster and better decisions.

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