Product Spotlight: FairCom c-treeAce V10.3

Tom Scribner

Tom Scribner,
Vice President of Product Development

FairCom Corp.
FairCom c-treeAce V10.3

As a worldwide leader in high-performance, engineeringlevel database technology, FairCom breaks through boundaries with c-treeACE®. Instead of seeing technology in terms of “vs.”—as in “NoSQL vs. SQL” or “In-memory vs. On-Disk”—FairCom focuses on the plus, as in “NoSQL + SQL” and “In-Memory + On-Disk.” The result is a cross-platform database engine that software developers embed in their applications and then deploy with the application as an integrated solution.

No+SQL is NoSQL Performance and SQL Access. Over the Same Data. At the Same Time.
c-treeACE is the most mature NoSQL solution available with over 35 years of mission-critical use by Fortune 100 companies around the globe. Plus, it incorporates an ANSI-compliant SQL engine with full SQL support that’s been tried and tested for over 10 years. Use any of the 8 NoSQL APIs for precise control and any of the 9 SQL APIs for ease of development and integration, all in the same application over the same data.

Memory+Disk is In-Memory Performance and On-Disk Persistence.
As the demand for real-time transactions and analytics increases, disk-based databases struggle to provide the required performance. The c-treeACE Server offers the flexibility of lightning-fast memory files and traditional diskbased files within the same database. Sophisticated caching and highly advanced configuration options let you fine-tune performance. For ultra-high performance, c-treeACE can operate in a pure in-memory model. The flexibility behind this hybrid approach allows developers to strike their own unique balance of performance, persistence, and cost.

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