Product Spotlight: HPE Security-Data Security

KappenbergerReiner Kappenberger,
Global Product Management, HPE Security- Data Security

HPE Security-Data Security

Enable Secure Data Sharing and Analytics in Hadoop
With big data analytics and Hadoop environments come myriad benefits —but also new risks to enterprises. In the past, cyber-attackers had to search for high-value information across a wide range of systems. But now with centralized data, hackers can focus on a known, single target. Even when key information is secured in the organization there is still a high risk that sensitive data can be re-identified by an attacker, using multiple data sets.

Building a strategy and methodology that protects the data is vital to securing these systems and enterprise assets. With a data-centric security approach, sensitive customer and corporate information can be protected in Hadoop and big data platforms without removing the benefits of these architectures, or paying a performance penalty.

HPE SecureData for Hadoop provides maximum data protection with industry-standard, HPE Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE), (see NIST SP-800-38G), and HPE Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) technologies. With HPE FPE and SST, high-strength encryption and tokenization protection is applied at the data field and sub-field level, without altering the original data format. This protected form of the data can then be used in subsequent applications, analytic engines, data transfers and data stores, while being readily and securely re-identified for those specific applications and users that require it. De-identified data in Hadoop is protected data and, even in the event of a data breach, yields nothing of value, avoiding the damages and costs such an event would otherwise have triggered.

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HPE Security-Data Security