Product Spotlight: HVR Software

HVRAnthony Brooks-Williams

HVR Software

In today’s world of ride sharing, mobile tra­ffic monitoring, instant social media updates and internet-connected appliances, it is not surprising that expectations are rising for current business information. Acceptability of batch-oriented daily data warehouse reports is rapidly diminishing. Businesses and government entities are increasingly relying on real-time analytics to optimize everything, including customer service, marketing, logistics, inventory, cash flow, human capital, public safety and more.

The business need for real-time access to data for analytics comes with significant challenges for the IT department. Making data accessible across data silos in heterogeneous environments, often spanning geographies, is no simple task.

HVR is the only technology company solely focused on the growing business need for high-speed real-time data replication. With our unique hub and spoke architecture, HVR provides a fast, flexible and scalable solution that allows real-time data flows between many sources and targets, including:

Heterogeneous Platform Support. Spans  all major relational databases, analytic databases and big data platforms like HDFS, Hive, and Kafka. 

Real-time Data Enablement. Deliver data for real-time analytics with efficient and fast log-based CDC.

Point and Click Functionality. A centralized hub that you control to perform functions such as target DDL creation, initial load, real-time data movement as well as compare and repair. Define the integration once and reuse many times.

As you shift your data architecture to meet the real-time needs of modern times, getting your business to real-time data and analytics can be simplified. Contact us to request a free consultation to discuss your real-time data integration needs.