Product Spotlight: InterSystems

RobtNagleRobert Nagle,
Vice President of Database Platforms


With the increasing digitization of business and the explosion of device-generated data—the so-called Internet of Things—you need to have a data platform that can not only handle a vast increase in data volume, but also a vast array of data types: static, non-static, local, remote, structured, and non-structured.

For enterprise-class applications —the kind that lives and livelihoods depend on—it must be a multi-model, operational data platform to deliver the rapid results businesses want, while creating a stable foundation for long-term business growth.

We always want to be focusing on building real solutions to real business challenges—not building solutions in search of a problem. In retail, for example, how do you leverage insight from credit card transactions to create a better buying experience online, or at the point of sale? When you can mine dynamic data to get a better picture of a consumer, that insight can be used to deliver a better customer experience. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Leveraging data to provide a better business outcome.

For software developers today, it’s not enough to solve some aspect of a problem and build enterprise solutions around them; after all, not all components scale equally. You need scalability, security, resilience, and rapid response. Meeting all these demands with the right data platform will create a successful enterprise application in today’s always-on world.