Product Spotlight: InterSystems Caché

Robert Nagle, Vice President, Data Platforms
Robert Nagle,
Vice President of Database Platforms

InterSystems Caché

The world is awash in database systems. That’s evident when you look at the dizzying range of vendors in the market today, from tiny startups to gargantuan relational database vendors.

InterSystems Caché® is our flagship data platform, used worldwide in industries with the most demanding performance requirements. In addition to ranking among the DBTA Trend-Setting Products, Caché was recently recognized as a Leader in the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant on Operational DBMS.

We are delighted to receive this recognition. What makes Caché different is that it is a data platform, combining advanced data management, integration and analytics. A data platform has these features:

  1. It allows developers to deal with all the data, in all its forms, and handles the metadata management automatically.
  2. It scales, both horizontally and vertically, to deal with massive volumes and velocity of data.
  3. Most importantly, it enables just-in-time analytics on all the data—structured and unstructured, SQL and NoSQL, centralized and distributed. Beyond merely capturing data, it delivers insight at the point of action.

InterSystems Caché is for developers who need a rapid application development environment to create breakthrough applications. Whether it’s used for processing and analyzing complex Big Data, or developing Web and mobile applications, Caché offers lightning-fast performance, massive scalability, and robust reliability—with minimal maintenance and hardware requirements.

In today’s chaotic database marketplace, a simple truth remains: Data matters. Since 1997, customers and partners worldwide have relied on us for a data platform that can manage the immense volumes and variety of data they encounter today.