Product Spotlight: Kore Technologies

KoreMark Dobransky,
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Kore Technologies,
Kourier Integrator

Kore’s flagship product is used by organizations to extend the value and functionality of their enterprise applications by enabling them to integrate and connect with disparate databases and best-in-class applications. As a multi-source, multi-purpose enterprise integration and data management solution, Kourier Integrator provides advanced Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and Enterprise
Application Integration (EAI) capabilities.

Kore’s “Net Change” technology is a key component of the solution because it enables near real-time data warehouses and integration via change data capture (CDC).

With the increased use of cloud-based and mobile applications, today’s landscape for application integration is changing and so must the technology. Although traditional
message-based, near real-time integration is still needed, the trend is toward real-time integration via RESTful Web Services for communication between disparate applications.

Kore has embraced this new paradigm with Kourier Integrator Release 4.3, which simplifies the building and deployment of bi-directional integrations using REST.
Developers are more productive and have additional capabilities using Kore’s framework to build REST APIs. Plus, the new Kourier REST Gateway provides secure and rate limited access to U2 application data. We’ve not only made it easier for organizations to create and deploy REST integrations, Kourier’s REST APIs are also easier for third-party developers to use.

Kourier will continue to embrace the trends and evolving standards for REST and will soon support “Webhooks.” Leveraging our Net Change technology, system integration
becomes more efficient and timely because external applications can be notified and take action when specific events occur in the U2 application (e.g., new sale).

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