Product Spotlight: Melissa Data

BudWalkerBud Walker,
Vice President Enterprise Sales & Strategy

Melissa Data

Even good data goes stale over time. Up to 2% of records in a customer database become obsolete in just one month as people move, change jobs, get married, divorce, or die. This data decay affects the accuracy and usefulness of data used for communications, analytics, and compliance—and puts your company at a competitive disadvantage.

Personator is a unique data quality and identity verification solution that allows you to verify, correct, and enrich contact records against multisourced data sets including postal files, telco data, title and deed, and GIS info. Personator’s powerful name-to-address matching and retrieval technology combs through over 1 billion U.S. and Canada contact records to verify that each data element—name, address, phone, and email—belong to the same person for identity verification and fraud prevention. The same technology can be used to enhance records with missing email addresses, phone numbers, and/or postal addresses, and append lat/long coordinates, and other geographic and detailed demographic info.

Personator is available as a Cloud service or as part of a plugin for various platforms, including Microsoft SSIS, Excel, and

Melissa Data provides smart, sharp data quality tools to help you combat bad data—and keep it clean and up-to-date for your organizational needs. Since 1985, our solu¬tions have been employed by more than 10,000 customers worldwide to help deliver immediate ROI and significant cost savings. Melissa Data offers free downloads, unlimited tech support, and a 120-day guaranteed ROI program.

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