Product Spotlight: Melissa Data

Melissa DataBud Walker,
VP of Enterprise Sales & Strategy

Melissa Data

Melissa Data provides global data quality and enrichment tools that empower data professionals to create data that users can trust.
Designed for developers, DBAs, and architects, Melissa Data tools enable customers to clean, complete, and consolidate global contact data easily and efficiently—in the environments they choose.

Data quality management is more important and more challenging as companies produce analytic data stores from Big Data Lakes. Melissa Data’s close integration with Pentaho’s Big Data Integration and Analytics platform helps customers leverage the power of Hadoop to cleanse and transform rapidly expanding data volumes that feed master data management systems.

Melissa Data components for PDI perform the following functions on Hadoop data: profiling; verification; de-duping; merge/purge; householding; parsing; standardizing; and enriching with geographic, demographic, and firmographic information.

Melissa Data delivers total data quality for (big or small) data with support for numerous platforms including SQL Server®, Oracle®, Pentaho®, Talend, Salesforce®, and many more. Discover the benefits of a wide variety of cross-platform data quality tools to deliver data that is accurate, complete, relevant, and actionable across the entire enterprise.

Melissa Data