Product Spotlight: Melissa Data Products and Services

Bud Walker, Director of Data Quality Solutions
Bud Walker
Director of Data Quality Solutions

Melissa Data products and services
Melissa Data

Since 1985, data quality’s been our obsession—the driving force behind many of our scalable data cleansing and enrichment solutions. It’s this passion that’s culminated in the creation of Melissa Data’s new flagship Personator technology, our next-generation enterprise data quality solution.

In essence, Personator performs transformative “data quality uplift” —the highest level of data accuracy.
With its unique capability to compare incoming customer and prospect data against large, multi-sourced data¬sets—including telecom data, USPS datasets, title and deed information, financials, and GIS–Personator can correct addresses, phone numbers and email addresses; confirm a name matches an address, email and phone data; append missing components to complete a customer contact record; provide the most up-to-date address for a residence or business; and even geocode street addresses by adding latitude/ longitude coordinates.

Personator also fits every budget and every need. It’s available as a Web service; as a set of extract, transform and load (ETL) tools; as desktop software; and as an add-in for Microsoft Excel.

Melissa Data solutions are employed by more than 5,000 customers worldwide to help keep data clean and up-to-date, to help deliver immediate ROI and significant cost savings. Melissa Data offers free downloads, unlimited tech support and a 120-day guaranteed ROI program.