Product Spotlight: Melissa Data SmartMover

Bud Walker
Bud Walker,
Director of Data Quality Solutions

Melissa Data
Melissa Data SmartMover

Contact data is always in flux. Customers move, change jobs, retire, die, get married or divorced—causing the stored data to become flawed. In fact, roughly 43 million Americans move each year, which in turn, affects the accuracy and usefulness of data used for communications, analytics, and compliance.

This steady degradation of your data reflects the need to continuously update and verify your contact information. Melissa Data offers SmartMover®—a real-time Cloudbased service that allows you to update the addresses of U.S. and Canadian customers that have recently moved—before you mail. This helps reduce wasted printing and postage associated with undeliverable-as-addressed mail, and qualifies mailings for postal discounts.

SmartMover compares your mailing list to more than 160 million address changes in the USPS®NCOALink® database, representing all permanent change-of-address records filed over the past 48 months. SmartMover also updates your list using the Canada Post NCOA® database of Canadian individuals, families and businesses that have moved over the past 72 months.

Melissa Data provides smart, sharp data quality tools to help you combat bad data—and keep it clean and up-todate for your organizational needs. Since 1985, our solutions have been employed by more than 10,000 customers worldwide to help deliver immediate ROI and significant cost savings. Melissa Data offers free downloads, unlimited tech support, and a 120-day guaranteed ROI program.

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