Product Spotlight: Ntirety–a division of HOSTING

MichaelCoreyMichael Corey,

Ntirety–a division of HOSTING

Ntirety was one of the first companies in the world to offer database administration as a service. When other companies were focused on an arbitrage model featuring inexpensive labor from around the world to support their clients’ database administration needs, at Ntirety we put our efforts into building Ntrust®, our database appliance technology, as the way to drive down cost and ensure consistent delivery of high quality database administration services.

The latest iteration of this award-winning technology has been refined through many gener¬ations and was built with security and the deployment of databases in the cloud in mind. At Ntirety, we can moni¬tor and support any combination of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL database with any combination of on-site, public or private clouds.

The newest addition to Ntrust® is Nspect™. Nspect™ is a unique, automated, customizable database health assess-ment designed to ensure compliance with industry best practices. The Nspect™ health check is flexible, giving you a choice to run it on-site or remotely, with little or no over¬head. With Nspect™ you are able to take advantage of the hundreds of years of in-house experience we have in databases, database configuration, database best practices and database security and compliance, enabling business and IT management to gather the trending information that is crucial to the successful operation of a database environment on-premises or in the cloud.

With every new release of our database appliance Ntrust®, Ntirety enhances the capabilities to provide our clients with the most cost-effective, quality-focused, secure and compliant database administration services possible.

Ntirety—a division of HOSTING