Product Spotlight: Ntirety Remote DBA Services

Michael Corey
Michael Corey,

Ntirety, a Division of HOSTING
Ntirety Remote DBA Services


Originally founded as a database services company, Ntirety was created to ease the burden of database administration and maintenance on beleaguered IT departments. With more and more data becoming available to companies and the complexity of managing and leveraging that data constantly increasing, Ntirety has evolved into a full-fledged data services company—the Total Data Experts.

We understand the 24/7, cost-conscious and data-driven environment in which businesses now find themselves, and we offer services that help them gain real value from all the data they have available.

At Ntirety, we look at the data lifecycle holistically. We have brought on experts in every area, from database assessment and capacity planning to production DBA work; from performance-tuning to database consolidation and virtualization; from data warehouse development to business intelligence and big data consulting.

All services are some blend of Technology, People and Process, but Ntirety’s approach to each of these is unique.

Technology: Ntirety’s Ntrust®™ Virtual and Cloud Database Appliances combine highly secure access, advanced database monitoring, proactive problem identification, and automated remediation tasks.

People: Ntirety personnel are U.S.-based, including experienced Senior Database Administrators, Data Architects, Consultants and the highly specialized Database Operations Center. Nevertheless, Ntirety’s service is costeffective and competitive even with offshore options.

Process: Ntirety has spent fourteen years productizing Data Services to be simple to understand and purchase; have clear expectations associated with them; make delivery repeatable, effective and measurable. These productized services include Managed Remote DBA; DBA OnDemand; Consulting Services like Database Consolidation; and innovative, usage-based Big Data and Business Intelligence.