Product Spotlight: Objectivity

ObjectivityJohn J. Jarell,
President & CEO


Objectivity’s ThingSpan is an enterprise graph analytics platform that integrates with open source technologies such as Spark, Kafka, HDFS, YARN, etc. Thing-Span enables enterprises to find unknown connections in real-time across Big and Fast Data clusters with large distributed graphs consisting of trillions of nodes and edges. Many applications require a technology that can handle complexities and data ingest from multiple sources to gain value in seconds, not hours or days. ThingSpan can ingest streaming data at rates exceeding billions of events per day and provides analytical value beyond statistics for pattern-finding.

ThingSpan’s new DO query language is a powerful tool to query and manipulate data to discover new information in the graph. Some of DO’s features include:

  • DO leverages the advanced features of ThingSpan without the need for language bindings and custom code.
  • DO is simple to use. There is no learning curve for users that are familiar with common data query languages like SQL or LINQ and common graph query languages like Cypher or SPARQL.
  • DO’s easy to use interface allows users to query data without writing or compiling code.
  • DO meets the analytics user where they already are and goes beyond with its powerful graph navigation.

The ThingSpan platform combined with DO provides real-time analytics and performance for the most demanding enterprise decision support systems. ThingSpan is an extensible platform for data scientists and analysts to discover new intelligence today and also into the future because of its ability to scale out with larger, complex data sets.