Product Spotlight: Objectivity, Inc.

NickQuinnNick Quinn,
Principal Architect of InfiniteGraph

Objectivity, Inc.

As the world becomes increasingly connected within the Internet of Things, never before has analyzing patterns and relationships been so paramount. As a highly scalable, distributed graph database, InfiniteGraph is purpose-built for identifying critical connections and reduces the time needed to make these connections to a matter of seconds.

Our customers have recognized that no other graph technology available today, offered by any commercial vendor or open source project, can match InfiniteGraph’s ability to persist and traverse complex relationships requiring multiple hops across vast and distributed data stores.

Among the many attributes of what makes InfiniteGraph unique is its scalability, its ability to perform distributed reads and writes across multiple storage hosts, and its flexibility, allowing users to create custom placement models to store different data types in various formats. InfiniteGraph also has an out-of-the-box visualization tool that can be customized to view data, test queries, and discover patterns in a plethora of graph layouts.

In the latest release, InfiniteGraph 3.4 significantly improves performance in regards to writes for data with complex schema with the ability to ingest data both synchronously (for consistent data) and asynchronously (for accelerated performance).

Other features of InfiniteGraph 3.4 include enhanced administrative tools, new database-wide batch query lookup, and support for faster path pattern matching and an overall 20%–30% improvement on navigation performance. With every release of InfiniteGraph, Objectivity demonstrates its ability to enable organizations to gain more actionable insights from their data.

Objectivity, Inc.