Product Spotlight: OpenInsight

Mike Ruane, President & CEO
Mike Ruane
President & CEO

Revelation Software
OpenInsight, from Revelation Software, is a database development suite that provides Windows, Web 2.0 and .NET tools to develop and deploy mission critical applications. These tools can be used with OpenInsight’s proprietary NoSQL database, nearly any flavor of SQL database, or any of the many MultiValue databases.

Data, big or small, needs to be available everywhere now. As our customers, and their customers, expect and demand this availability and connectivity, Revelation Software continues to respond with the necessary technologies. Revelation was one of the first DOS-based databases to be ported to Windows. OpenInsight had full web capabilities in 1996, and today prepares for the next step on the journey of delivering data where it’s needed: the cloud.

While storing data on the cloud is not for every application or user, there are those cases when a customer will need to store and access their data from anywhere they can connect to the Internet. Revelation Software has been evaluating and testing various cloud-based databases and related technologies, and is in the process of integrating these into OpenInsight.

Revelation Software has over thirty years’ experience in addressing our customers’ application development needs, and continually adapts and reacts to changes in technology. Learn more about Revelation Software and OpenInsight by visiting our website at