Product Spotlight: ParStream

Peter Jensen

Peter Jensen,

ParStream Analytics Platform

ParStream is the IoT analytics platform company. The ParStream Analytics Platform was purpose-built for scale to handle the massive volumes and high velocity of IoT data. With ParStream, enterprises can reduce infrastructure costs substantially, and realize new types of applications and business models to gain competitive advantages through faster insights. ParStream delivers sub-second query response times on billions of data records while continuously importing new data at a very high speed. ParStream enables ultra-fast interactive and fully flexible analytics to accelerate existing applications and to build new types of applications and business models in manufacturing, supply chain, and telecommunications.

The ParStream Analytics Platform contains a distributed columnar database that processes IoT data using massively parallel processing on a shared-nothing architecture which allows scalability on hundreds of terabytes of data. The architecture leverages both in-memory processing and diskbased storage, but our unique and patented bitmap index structure allows highly parallel querying in its compressed form. In addition to our revolutionary database, our analytics tools, including Time Series, Alerts and Actions, and Geo-Distributed Analytics, enable monitoring, analytics, and reporting on a single platform.

ParStream has earned accolades, including CIO Magazine #1 Big Data Startup, Gartner Cool Vendor, and Database Trends and Applications Magazine’s Trend-Setting Products in Data.