Product Spotlight: Paxata

PaxataNenshad Barddoliwalla,
Co-Founder & Chief Product officer


In 2012, the founders of Paxata came together to fundamentally change how data preparation—which includes data integration, data quality and enrichment—was done. Traditionally, business teams were required to either wait for technical resources and lengthy ETL processes, or spend 80% of their time performing manual data preparation in Excel and SQL. In 2013, Paxata pioneered the first self-service data preparation application. Today, Paxata helps business analysts, data scientists
and IT teams at 70+ organizations, including the top financial institutions, the largest semiconductor company, three of the most well-known retail brands, two global consulting firms, two of the most successful high tech companies and the largest Government agencies.

Paxata transforms data (regardless of source, format or size) into information that can be used by everyone who does analytics, regardless of the reporting, visualization and Business Intelligence tools they use. Paxata provides a self-service, analyst-centric data prep experience that eliminates the need for analysts to do coding and scripting powered by Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform™ capabilities, including proprietary machine learning, latent semantic indexing, statistical pattern recognition and text analytics. With Paxata, data preparation takes place over large variety and volumes of structured and unstructured data in real-time by business teams who understand the questions they need to ask, while IT teams can collaborate and govern the work being done across the enterprise. Paxata’s platform is powered by Spark, and can be deployed in AWS virtual private cloud, AWS GovCloud or within Hadoop and non-Hadoop environments at customer sites.