Product Spotlight: Percona Backup Service

Terry Erisman
Terry Erisman,

Percona Backup Service


MySQL plays a critical role in enterprise data initiatives and protecting MySQL data is more important than ever. Many organizations lack the resources to guarantee data backup availability, though. This can lead to a shock if disaster strikes.

The Percona Backup Service addresses the challenges of data backups for organizations running mission-critical MySQL. As a managed backup-as-a-service solution, it’s more reliable, flexible, efficient and cost-effective than managing MySQL backups in-house.

The Percona team implements software and processes to conduct and monitor MySQL backups and responds to any issues. We reduce the size of your backup datasets and assist with the efficient recovery of the precise production data you need, when necessary.

Reliable—We install monitoring software which alerts our highly experienced, 24/7/365 team to any current or potential issues. Backups are easily accessible through a secure portal and the datasets are compliant with common regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI.

Flexible—You provide the backup servers—on premise, in the cloud, or a combination—and we implement the tools and processes to run your backups.

Efficient—We enable you to recover the precise data you need. Recovery options include data back to the last full capture image, full data to a specific point in time, and specific tables.

Cost-Effective—Our proprietary backup methods significantly reduce the size of your backup datasets, resulting in a significantly lower total cost than backups managed in-house.

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