Product Spotlight: Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3

Ed Boyajian, President & CEO
Ed Boyajian
President & CEO

Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.3

EnterpriseDB has created the products and an ecosystem of services and support to enable global enterprises to deploy open source software in the data center using Postgres to power their most important applications. The success of open source has been realized in other layers of the enterprise stack; Xen and KVM for virtualization, Linux for operating systems, and JBoss and Apache for middleware. Forward-thinking CIOs are now turning increasingly to the database layer and to Postgres to reduce their reliance on costly proprietary solutions.

EnterpriseDB extends PostgreSQL with advanced performance features, additional security, enterprise-class tools and Oracle compatibility to enable organizations to utilize open source-based products effectively in their IT infrastructures. The result is Postgres Plus Advanced Server, the most powerful open source-based relational database on the market.
The stability of our database and its ability to support both mission-critical and non-mission-critical applications combined with our ability to execute have been recognized in industry-wide research. In addition, EnterpriseDB has created comprehensive enterprise-class database management tools and developed such capabilities as multi-master replication, which enables database administrators (DBAs) to provide consistent and expanded access to near real-time data across geographically distributed systems.

New, more complex data sources, higher performance demands and greater security challenges are putting increasing pressure on data center managers to accomplish more with the same or dwindling budgets. With Postgres Plus Advanced Server and our support and services, EnterpriseDB enables CIOs to slash database spend and reconfigure budgets to pay for new, strategic data-driven initiatives.

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