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ProgressDion Picco
General Manager

Progress Software
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The Modern IT landscape continues to run critical on-premises business applications and databases while managing Big Data deployments and integrating SaaS applications. Every integration point in this hybrid world has a proprietary interface, so development and integration challenges become even greater.

In this complex environment, it is essential to have the ability to easily access all your data, even when it’s behind the firewall. You need to access without having to set up VPNs or SSH tunneling, or to change network configurations. This is where Progress® DataDirect® Hybrid Data Pipeline comes in. Its patented algorithm delivers firewall-friendly connectivity to relational databases or Big Data platforms in real
time, without having to replicate that data in the cloud.

Hybrid Data Pipeline lets you keep up with the profusion of APIs by providing real-time access to virtually all your SaaS, SQL, Big Data and NoSQL data sources. The single interface in Hybrid Data Pipeline is a game-changer because all your business data, whether in the cloud or on-premises behind a firewall, can now be securely accessed through a single, standard SQL (ODBC or JDBC) or REST (OData) interface. Depending on your requirements, Hybrid Data Pipeline is available as a private, self-hosted version or public, hosted version. Both are available as subscription-based licensing models.

Hybrid Data Pipeline offers unique value with its simplicity and security features, all backed by the world leader in data connectivity. In fact, Progress® DataDirect® is the preferred choice of more than 10,000 customers, including 96 of the Fortune 100 and 350 global software vendors.

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