Product Spotlight: RainStor 5.5

John Bantleman, CEO
John Bantleman, CEO


Many of the world’s most successful companies use Teradata, the world-class enterprise data warehouse, for their high-stakes analytics needs. With rapid data growth and business demands for access to new data sources, the warehouse is experiencing constantly changing demands. Scale and performance are central to those business needs and organizations are now looking to optimize their most critical analytics environments. As data ages, it is less frequently analyzed so organizations are now taking a serious look at dedicated archiving solutions. Doing so is critical for companies with significant compliance requirements. That’s where RainStor comes in.

RainStor is the world’s most efficient database, optimized for complex environments with multi-terabyte and petabyte storage needs. RainStor delivers the highest compression rate in the industry resulting in a 90% cost savings, due to drastically reduced storage plus it happily runs on the lowest cost commodity hardware. RainStor also has built-in security and a broad range of query tools including SQL, Hive, Pig and Free Text Search. RainStor runs anywhere – on low-cost NAS, in the cloud or natively on Hadoop. In fact, RainStor can run native on Hadoop on EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS, which is a WORM friendly device for specific regulatory requirements including SEC Rule 17a-4 that outlines requirements for data retention at financial services institutions.

RainStor recently released RainStor FastConnect™, an important product for Teradata customers that must frequently archive data. With FastConnect, users can offload older data for ongoing data retention into RainStor, at very low cost, while creating an active archive, fully query-able and immutable. FastConnect is light on Teradata resources, requiring minimal CPU and I/O on the Teradata system. A complementary module is RainStor FastForward™, which allows customers to rapidly access multiple years of historical archived data on tape and re-instate that directly into RainStor without the need to run it through Teradata, essentially bring tape data back to life and fully query-able, all in one step.

RainStor is in the business of changing the way companies manage and access their most critical asset: data. Learn More (Watch the RainStor Overview Video: Don’t Delete Data).