Product Spotlight: Remote Database Administration as a Service

Andy Sherman, COO
Andy Sherman, COO

Remote Database Administration as a Service

Performance as a Service is the hottest new service every database manager must know about because it delivers rapid problem resolution for application and database performance issues.

Ntirety provides Database Performance as a Service through a powerful combination of technology and skills which incorporates our own Ntrust™ Database Appliance with AppDynamics PRO and DBTuna software. By bundling these together in a service, you don’t need to purchase, install or manage new hardware and software to gain access to powerful performance management capabilities.

Measure and Analyze Performance from the Top Down and Bottom Up: The auto-discovery features of AppD PRO make it ideal in a rapidly changing environment, as it is able to continually self-adjust the deployed instrumentation to match the current deployment. The built-in integration with DBTuna allows seamless drill down between the two products, tracking a business transaction through multiple application servers right into the database layer, and comparing it with a historical baseline for the same transaction to rapidly conclude problem analysis.

Ntirety can monitor any combination of Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL database platforms while also correlating NetApp I/O latency with database performance. The service continuously monitors test or production database instances 24x7 and stores detailed historical data about the resource consumption and wait events in a repository. This data is correlated, aggregated and sorted so that it can be easily displayed in an intuitive web-based user interface. This historical data allows the DBA to answer questions such as: “What caused the slowdown in the application yesterday after lunch?” or “Why is the overnight batch job still running at 9 am this morning?” The historical data can also be used in a proactive manner; for example, to assess upward trends in SQL or application resource usage or to tune and fix issues before they become end user problems.

Ntirety’s Performance as a Service does not require any software agents on your monitored databases. Instead, agentless technology is used to monitor from a remote central server, which negates deployment issues and monitoring overhead. DBTuna is ideally suited to cloud, virtual or physical architectures and performs great in high-load production environments.