Product Spotlight: Revelation Software

Mike RuaneMike Ruane,
President & CEO

Revelation Software

How do you get that perfect mix of the power and flexibility of the Multi-Value Database world, but also have a development environment that is modern, flexible, easy to use, and familiar to the latest generation of developers? You choose OpenInsight!

OpenInsight 10, the latest version from Revelation Software, has the look, feel, and functionality of a modern Software Design Studio with workspaces, property panels, integration capabilities, dockable or floating tools, and the ability to build applications with code or by using graphical tools—everything that a developer in the 21st century needs, wants, and expects.

OpenInsight 10 lets a developer create applications for the desktop, the browser, or mobile devices. They can use data in Revelation’s proprietary Linear Hash data store, SQL database, MultiValue databases, or the Cloud.

OpenInsight 10 gives the developer options on the type of application they want to create, the database they want to use, and the platform they want to deliver on. And for the users? A rich, easy to use experience enabled by applications with the features that users expect from a modern tool, and that they can use on their mobile device, browser, or laptop.

Revelation Software has over thirty years’ experience in addressing our customers’ application development needs, and continually adapts and reacts to changes in technology. If you’re a developer, and serious about creating the best applications you can, you should use OpenInsight.

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