Product Spotlight: Revelation Software

RevelationMike Ruane,
President & CEO

Revelation Software
Openinsight For Web

OpenInsight for Web (O4W) is a flexible and powerful web development toolkit for OpenInsight, D3, Universe, UniData and QM.

O4W which is included with OpenInsight, is a rapid application development tool that lets you generate responsive forms, reports, and dashboards. Use our GUI drag-anddrop to lay out your forms and then test in both desktop and mobile browser mode. Or use our
full-function API to create the most sophisticated web pages.

The O4W Development Toolkit makes it possible for multivalue developers with limited or no HTML/XML/ JavaScript experience to develop feature rich web pages. O4W is designed to work the way multivalue developers think, taking advantage of the skills and knowledge they already have. While users with more web development experience
can use O4W’s advanced features, all developers can create modern web applications (using JavaScript, XHTML,
and AJAX) through O4W’s APIs and integrated wizards. OpenInsight for Web (O4W) includes the ability to create and modify User, Menus, Forms, Reports, Dashboards and Procedures. In addition, the O4W Toolkit provides the ability to manage an OpenInsight application from a browser interface. This includes maintaining Applications, Tables and Procedures.

Applications developed for mobile devices, such as
smartphones or tablets, must use different user interface elements that are easier to view and manipulate on the smaller screens of these devices. O4W will automatically convert most user interface elements to more mobile-appropriate ones when your application indicates that it is in “mobile mode”. However, there are additional design changes, and additional API calls, required in your O4W custom stored procedures to fully support the mobile interface.

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