Product Spotlight: Rocana

RocanaOmer Trajman,

Rocana Ops

Many point-solution IT-monitoring tools exist today, but all focus on one or a very small number of data sources. Breaches, failures, and poor customer experiences can come from anywhere—so how do you gain visibility into those systems for which you don’t have a point monitoring solution? And, in the big picture, how can any largescale enterprise stay competitive in a digital economy with such a shallow and siloed view into IT operations?

Rocana Ops is a total visibility system for IT operations that eliminates the technical and cost challenges associated with legacy IT monitoring approaches, enabling you to gain insights from your operational data like never before:

  • Breadth: Capture data from thousands of diverse sources
  • Depth: Capture millions of events per second, totaling petabytes of data per month
  • Duration: All data is online-searchable for years starting from the moment it is captured
  • Smart Analytics: Machine-learning anomaly detection helps you spot unexpected issues as they arise

Immediate benefits include OpEx savings, process consolidation, and skills reallocation of your IT braintrust. Even greater are the long-term benefits that come with giving stakeholders access to full fidelity operational data, achieving
better business outcomes in areas like digital performance, customer experience, IT operations, and risk minimization.

If you’re a forward-thinking CIO or technologist, you know IT can be a strategic competitive advantage. As you lead the digital transformation of your business, let Rocana Ops provide the visibility you need to align IT metrics with business results.