Product Spotlight: Rocket Software

RocketJohn Bramley,
Vice President, Application Platforms

Rocket Software

Every day, thousands of organizations rely on Rocket® D3 for day-to-day tasks from managing insurance claims to protecting irreplaceable data. Many times, organizations don’t realize this powerful MultiValue application platform is the secret weapon behind data-management products created by hundreds of solution providers around the world to help their customers solve challenging business and technology issues. And, it works so well that it’s completely invisible to end users.

So what makes Rocket D3 so powerful? For starters, it’s been around for decades and has established itself as a proven application platform in every conceivable vertical (from government to manufacturing to banking to retail). New products may come and go, but Rocket D3 is a trusted resource that gets the job done every day. Rocket D3 provides its users with low system management cost, little-to-no downtime, and a small hardware footprint. Scalability is another benefit allowing customers to easily add users as they grow, without impacting the high performance they’ve come to expect from their D3-based application.

Rocket never stops innovating. It would be easy to let D3 fade gracefully into the world of legacy software, but every year Rocket adds new features and functions—such
as 64-bit capabilities and IPv6 support—to stay current. Rocket has also integrated D3 with many of its other products, including Rocket Discover, a self-service business intelligence tool, allowing developers to ensure their D3-based apps meet user needs today and in the future.

Rocket Software