Product Spotlight: Rocket Software, Inc.

NunziatoJohn Nunziato,
Product Manager, MultiValue DBMS & Application Servers

Rocket Software, Inc.

Rocket® UniData, an embeddable application development platform, is used by millions of people every day in Fortune 100 companies and numerous industries such as energy, automotive, higher education, and many others. UniData 8.1, the largest release in terms of enhanced features in the last ten years, enables organizations to better manage massive amounts of data by delivering fast response times and decreasing or eliminating database management tasks that waste time and money.

“We’re really impressed so far with the UniData 8.1 release 64-bit capability. In benchmarking it has allowed us to process large data tables significantly quicker than previous versions. This improvement will really help us and our large clients in Central Government and Care in terms of performance and data crunching.”
—Lindsay Rex, Technical Consultant for CACI Ltd. in the UK 

Here is a small sample of the innovative features in UniData 8.1:
64-Bit File Support/Architecture—Experience increased I/O performance and work with larger file sizes on the most current hardware.

Support for IPv6—Be ready for the Internet of Things with IPv6 compatibility where you can create more IP addresses while also utilizing a more secure data pack.

Replication Performance Monitor—Monitor traffic, system state, and metrics across multiple publishers and subscribers. Identify performance bottlenecks in real time and make adjustments.

Security Enhancements—Secure your data with the latest in OpenSSL updates, @ID & Index encryption, and Automatic Data Encryption (ADE).

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