Product Spotlight: Ryft Systems

PatMcGarryPat McGarry, VP of Engineering

Ryft Systems

Security cameras, phones, machine sensors, cars, and televisions are just a few of the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that create massive volumes of data that can be mined and analyzed. Add to it the data created in the Industrial IoT at retail stores, manufacturing plants, financial institutions, oil and gas drilling platforms, pipelines, and processing plants, and it’s not hard to understand that the deluge of streaming and IoT sensor data can—and will—very quickly overwhelm today’s traditional data analytics tools.

The Ryft ONE changes the game by delivering high-performance big data analysis at the edge—or close to the source of data—with the power of hundreds of high-speed servers in a 1U platform. The Ryft ONE is the industry’s first high-performance big data analysis solution to provide near-instant insights by storing and analyzing up to 48TB of batch and streaming data together at the point of data collection.

In a 1U open platform, the Ryft ONE uses 1/100th of the footprint of a traditional data analytics cluster—operating on less power than a hairdryer—to cost-effectively bring the analysis power of an entire data center to remote offices and locations. Additionally, it stores and simultaneously analyzes at the point it was created at 100X the performance of current high performance servers.

Ryft Systems