Product Spotlight: Scientel Gensonix

Norman Kutemperor
Norman Kutemperor, CTO


Scientel Information Technology, Inc. is a U.S.-based, international, Database Technology Company founded in 1977. Scientel also designs/produces a highly optimized range of servers, which can be bundled with its GENSONIX ENTERPRISE NoSQL DB as a single-source of complete systems for Big Data environments. Scientel also customizes hardware and software for specific applications resulting in higher performance.

Scientel’s specialty is advanced NoSQL DBMS design and related applications for advanced business processes. This includes various solutions for Big Data, Commercial Intranets, Supply Chain Management Systems, Enterprise Content Management & Search solutions, etc., along with “beyond mainframe-level” Large Data Warehouse Appliance hardware/systems.

GENSONIX NoSQL DB incorporates the 7 major NewSQL features namely: Multi-Modeling, Document Stores, NSQL Language, SQL Queries (Tables), Transaction Processing, MPP on HPC and Never-Slow technology which altogether solves the various Big Data problems dealing with Volume, Velocity, Variety, Variability, Veracity resulting in ultimate Value. These capabilities, which truly classify Gensonix as a Polymorphic DB, place Gensonix in its own class as an “ALL-in-One SQL”—an “All Data Management System” in the form of an ultra-flexible, NoSQL DBMS of perfectly general capabilities and application potentials. It can also function in concert with mainline SQL systems to efficiently handle both structured and unstructured data as a large data warehouse repository. GENSONIX can be configured to handle trillions of rows/transactions for billions of customers.

Business customers, Scientific, Government, and similar organizations can take advantage of Scientel’s capabilities in advanced Business Intelligence and Data Analytics to grow their business by handling Big Data more cost-effectively and with greater insights to remain competitive instead of being swamped by it.