Product Spotlight: Software AG Presto

John Crupi, Chief Technology Officer, Visual Analytics
John Crupi
Chief Technology Officer
Visual Analytics

JackBe (now part of Software AG)
Software AG Presto

The sales teams for a market-leading consumer goods company have to make on-the-spot—and in-the-store—decisions about paying a retailer promotional funds (called trade funds) for preferred shelf space for their products. A Wal-Mart store in Chicago offers an endcap—will the additional product sales be greater than the trade funds expense? As important—are there trade funds available for this particular product right now?

To compile the data needed to assess these promotional programs, sales executives logged into 40 (forty!) different applications to monitor dozens of screens. This didn’t support the real-time decisions that needed to be made in the stores. Then, if funds were spent in Chicago, sales teams in other regions needed to know immediately that the amount of available funds had changed.

With JackBe Presto, the company transformed those 40 systems into a single sign-on. Those dozens of screens became ONE dashboard with drill-down capability into client-specific sales, pricing, shipments, promotional data, trade funds availability and competitive analysis. By targeting the critical data elements associated with the decision, the sales executives can more quickly assess whether the promotional funds for better shelf placement pay off. The company’s initial, seven-figure investment was recouped in nine months.

That’s why organizations buy Presto: To combine data from any source, updated as data changes, into real-time dashboards that show only the critical metrics for right-time decisions. With visualizations updated as data changes, executives can make immediate, informed assessments about changes that impact the business, and business users can manage their own answers and make decisions as changes are happening.

Now that JackBe is part of Software AG, Presto provides the visualization layer for Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) and for Big Data with Terracotta. By integrating Presto with the webMethods and Apama suites, IBO offers customers visibility into dynamic processes for better business outcomes that power the digital enterprise.