Product Spotlight: SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

Janis Griffin
Janis Griffin,
Sr. DBA & Database Performance Evangelist

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

With all the recent advancements in hardware, including flash storage, multi-core processors, and memory capacity, one would think that improving performance is as simple as spending money. However, the truth is that all modern relational databases have far too many moving parts to just assume that throwing hardware at the problem is always the best answer.

Traditional database performance monitoring tools offer a simplistic view of health metrics and alerts, but leave a huge gap in your analysis if you are trying to determine the root cause of slow application performance—and save money on hardware. To determine the root cause, you must measure database wait time.

Only SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) with Multi-Dimensional Performance Analysis™ correlates data from the database engine, the SQL query, server resources, storage, and VMware® (if applicable). DPA’s direct correlation between server resources and database wait time provides clarity, while detailed advice provides DBAs, developers, and IT administrators a quick path to problem resolution.

Learn more about what’s new in DPA v9.0 and download a 14-day trial that supports Oracle®, SQL Server®, DB2®, and Sybase®. New features include:

  • Storage I/O performance analysis: Provides analysis of both latency and IOPS
  • 51 new built-in resource alerts: Extends detailed wait and administrative alerts and reporting
  • Resource baselines: Displays normal patterns for each 1 hour segment of time for quick identification of resource anomalies
  • Alerts blackout
  • SQL statement analysis and tuning advice

Note: Database Performance Analyzer was formerly known as Confio Ignite