Product Spotlight: Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1

Shilpa Lawande, VP Software Engineering and Customer Experience
Shilpa Lawande
VP Software Engineering
and Customer Experience

HP Vertica
Vertica Analytics Platform 6.1

What do FarmVille, Guess and the Obama campaign have in common? These are shining examples of successes created by data-driven organizations. The technology that makes these possible is the HP Vertica Analytic Platform, a highly scalable and purpose-built platform for big data analytics. Founded in 2005 by database legend Michael Stonebraker, and acquired by HP in 2011, Vertica has become the de-facto standard for analytics within companies like Zynga, Guess, Twitter, Comcast, Cerner, HP, and many others. From online gaming to website personalization, from network optimization to log analysis, from financial risk modeling to improving patient care, Vertica has enabled thousands of companies to better serve their mission through data. Vertica is making an impact on conserving our natural wonders in partnership with organizations like National Audobon society and Conservation International. Vertica’s unique advantage is real-time analytics on industry-standard hardware, powered by its true columnar analytics engine, smart use of compression and a rich set of analytics capabilities and SDKs for developers. The result is 100-1000x faster performance. Vertica can be deployed on premise or on the cloud and can be used alongside Hadoop. Vertica is supported by a rich ecosystem of standard BI tools. Vertica continues its mission to conquer the chaos of big data with its latest release 7, enabling users to explore and automatically extract structure from semi-structured data, freeing them from having to wrestle with cumbersome data-modeling and schema design. Vertica is available as a free download for up to 1 terabyte. We invite you to sign in to our community at, download our software and read our blog at blog. Let’s change the world through data!