Product Spotlight: WhereScape

BudzinskiMark Budzinski,


DATA WAREHOUSE AUTOMATION: THE ANSWER TO IT BACKLOG to better support the business, IT organizations have to change their mindset about the process of pro-ducing a decision support infrastructure—moving from a model emphasizing the slow and expensive process of artisan craftsmanship to a model that focuses on acceleration and automation, replacing human labor with software to reduce cycle time and cost. WhereScape RED, WhereScape’s flagship automation software, enables IT to work effectively in a time when they have fewer people, less money, and less time to produce more.

Data warehouse automation liberates an IT organization to pursue strategies for differentiating the company through data-driven decision-making. It’s a strategy for shifting resources—human and capital—away from repetitive tasks to value creation, and restoring data warehousing teams to relevance and leadership in their organizations.

WhereScape RED is an integrated platform designed to automate routine IT tasks associated with designing, building, operating and modifying data warehouses and data marts, or accelerating those tasks that cannot be completely auto-mated. Implementing data warehouse automation methods and tools allow IT teams to:

  • Respond in days to business requests with accurate time, cost, and resource estimates 
  • Deliver completed data warehouses, data marts, and BI environments in far less time 
  • Rework existing data warehouses, data marts, and BI envi-ronments in response to business changes in hours or days 

Visit our website and learn how BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota, Canadian National Railway, Cornell University, Lamar Advertising, and Tesco use WhereScape to rapidly accelerate data warehouse development while delivering fully documented solutions.