Rackspace Launches Dedicated MongoDB Solution for Customers in High-Risk Industries

Rackspace is launching a dedicated option for MongoDB customers called ObjectRocket for MongoDB databases. The solution, which combines the speed and scalability of the ObjectRocket platform with dedicated hardware and networking for compliance-dependent use cases is aimed at providing the the performance, security and compliance required in high-risk industries such as healthcare, financial services and insurance.

 “Today we’re announcing a fully dedicated cabinet solution to provide a high level of isolation for our customers,” said Chris Lalonde, co-founder of ObjectRocket. “On top of that, we are also announcing an on disk encryption for MongoDB.”

Rackspace acquired ObjectRocket, a MongoDB database as a service (DBaaS) provider, in 2013. With ObjectRocket’s open source-based MongoDB solution, Rackspace said at the time it intended to broaden its OpenStack-based open cloud platform to offer customers a NoSQL DBaaS.

With ObjectRocket for MongoDB, customers can leverage Rackspace expertise and “Fanatical Support,” which allows them to focus their in-house resources on building mission-critical, highly secure applications instead of managing their database environments.

The new solution boasts power for the most demanding database workloads in these industries to scale to multiple terabytes of data and millions of MongoDB operations per second while providing customers with high levels of security.

 “This particular solution has been something that customers, specifically enterprise customers and folks in high risk industries like healthcare, financial services, oil & gas have been asking for,” Lalonde said.

ObjectRocket will help enterprises meet a variety of compliance requirements they need to satisfy before creating applications, databases, and other solutions.

“A lot of these customers want to take advantage of this database revolution and leverage the right database for the right use case but they’ve got to have the expertise in order to build out an enterprise-grade solution that ticks those compliance and security boxes,” said David Swanger, senior director of Data Services Solution Marketing at Rackspace.

According to Lalonde, ObjectRocket adds the ability for enterprises to add on a team of experts that have infrastructure that is dedicated and compliant with all the things need and do it in a very short period of time.

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