RainStor Beefs Up Security and Search on Hadoop

RainStor, a provider of an enterprise database for managing and analyzing historical data, says it has combined the latest data security technologies in a comprehensive product update that has the potential to rapidly increase adoption of Apache Hadoop for banks, communications providers and government agencies.

According to Rainstor, possible security risks associated with using Hadoop and high-value data include identity theft, fraud, regulatory default, and unauthorized data access.  Beyond comprehensive data protection, enterprise customers also require multiple access tools for business query and analysis across petabyte-scale datasets running on Hadoop. RainStor says its new intuitive search capability provides significant speed improvement compared to standard SQL, enabling users to quickly narrow down results to a sub-set of data and conduct further exploration using standard SQL and BI tools.

New capabilities in the area of security include data encryption; data masking and views; Kerbos/LDAP, Active Directory/ PAM support; audit trail and tamper-proofing; and configurable data disposition with record level delete. Search improvements includefaster data exploration through free text search; query performance improvements of 10-100x; minimal resource overhead; extreme scalability in searching across billions of records; and simple management with no index sharding.

RainStor is designed for massive scale, runs on the lowest-cost hardware, provides query options including standard SQL, Pig, Hive and MapReduce, and offers reduces storage footprints by up to 97% through its patented compression technology. For more info: