Scaling Data Integration Across Hybrid Environments in a Big Data World

Driven by the demands of an always-on global economy, the widespread proliferation of data is combining with an expectation to leverage seamlessly-integrated data in near-real time. However, traditional data integration methods aren’t keeping up with the pace of change.

DBTA recently held a webcast featuring Bill Brunt, product manager of SharePlex at Dell, who discussed the issue of scaling solutions across environments and how to leverage data replication effectively.

The problem is that always-on global 24x7 operations with the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things means that data is automatically be obsolete if enterprises lack real-time technologies, he noted.

Most applications now have the characteristics of yesterday’s mission-critical mandates, Brunt explained. Today, downtime means lost productivity, and multiple time zones for smaller companies means always-on, consumer digital exhaust is massive (IOT) with logs, streaming binary, high resolution with metadata, and companies need to integrate effective tools to secure it all.

According to Brunt, SharePlex includes capabilities such as memory-based queues with disk-based backup storage; less resource usage for performance; fault tolerance; parallelism; flexible, configurable replication;  conflict resolution/transformation; change data capture; metadata; compare and repair utility; and automatic replication configuration setup.

“We work very much outside the database,” said Brunt. “We’re reading the online logs at the file system and operating system level.”

To view an on-demand replay of this webinar, go here.