Serena Strengthens DevOps Approach to Software Releases

Serena Software, a provider of orchestrated application development and release management solutions, has announced Serena Release Manager v5 with new capabilities to help enterprise IT organizations bring development and operations teams together to increase the quality, speed and predictability of their software releases.

DevOps movement runs on the principles of Culture, Automation, Measurement and Sharing called CAMS, said Mark Levy, Product Marketing Manager for Release Manager at Serena. “We agree with that and support that, but most vendors have been focused on the automation part which is necessary, but insufficient. There is also the people and the measurement and the sharing - and this is something that is unique that we are bringing to market with the introduction of Serena Release Manager 5.”

According to Levy, Serena Release Manager targets global 2000 enterprises deploying mission-critical applications in the banking, insurance, communications, retail and healthcare fields as well as the public sector, across open systems, cloud, virtual environments, mainframes, and distributed systems. The solution automates application deployments, provides visibility, control and standardization of the release process, and supports coordination and collaboration for release teams.

Implementing a single solution with these capabilities enables organizations to improve operational efficiency, be more responsive to their business customers and also demonstrate compliance.  

5 Key New Serena Release Manager v5 Capabilities:

  1. Actionable Release Dashboards with 40 out-of-the-box KPIs for real-time insight into the entire release lifecycle, from initial request through to development, test and deployment across the path to production.
  2. Best Practice Release Processes that streamline and accelerate the release lifecycle yet can be tailored for each customer’s needs.
  3. Automated Turnovers based on standardized Runbooks to eliminate error-prone manual handoffs and deployments. Automate and capture the deployment paths. Capture subject mater expertise in runbooks
  4. Virtual and physical Environment Management to improve availability and readiness of preproduction environments, including the ability to commission and decommission environments to make sure the right environment  is being deployed at the right time to the right team.
  5. A Lifecycle Activity Feed that enables real-time communication and collaboration across the DevOps teams and provides a complete audit trail of all release tasks and approvals. This social concept allows people to follow the release process, comment on it, and capture the information for collaboration and general historical purposes via email, Yammer, and other forms of communication, notes Levy.

In addition, a Deployment Hub provides bidirectional integration with Serena and other third-party application release automation tools, allowing customers to invest in release process improvements while still leveraging their existing automation investments.

Serena Business Manager (SBM) and Serena Service Manager

Serena Software also announced the latest versions of Serena Business Manager (SBM), an IT process automation platform that powers all Serena’s orchestrated solutions, and Serena Service Manager, the company’s IT service management solution.  Serena Release Manager v5 and the latest versions of SBM and Serena Service Manager will be generally available on December 16. A live demonstration of these products and Q&A with the product teams will take place on Tuesday, December 17 at 11 am ET / 8 am PT.  For more information , go to