Tableau 7.0 Adds Improvements in Analytical Power, Performance and Enterprise Scalability

Tableau Software, a provider of business intelligence software, has announced the general availability of Tableau 7.0. The release offers improvements in performance and scalability, adds new visualization types and improves the product's overall analytical power and ease-of-use. In addition, the new Data Server makes enterprise-wide data sharing and management faster and easier.

"Tableau 7.0 contains a whole host of features that help people think with data," said Chris Stolte, chief development officer, co-founder, and inventor of Tableau Software. "New visualizations like filled maps and area charts make it easier to tell great stories with data. Large organizations will benefit from multi-tenancy and improved scalability and performance. The new Tableau Data Server capabilities will make it easy to share large volumes of data, share data models in large groups and provide easier management of data assets."

More than 2,000 customers have participated in the beta program, which was unveiled at the Tableau Customer Conference in Las Vegas.

Key new features in Tableau 7.0 include an expanded visual analytics toolbox with new chart types like filled maps and area charts; as well as enhanced parameters, statistical features and mobile capabilities to expand the ability to see and understand data, and new capabilities to make analytical tasks, like manipulating dates and excluding data, easier.

In addition, every Tableau Server will include the new Data Server. This multi-faceted feature allows anyone to publish an extract or database connection to Tableau Server, enabling anyone to connect to that data directly through Tableau. Beyond making data easier to access, this also makes it easier to manage and secure large data sets. Tableau 7.0 also includes connections to Hadoop and Vectorwise, along with multi-tenancy and significantly improved scaling.

Simultaneously with this release, Tableau has updated its free application, Tableau Public, with the same analytical and visualization features. Tableau Public lets anyone create and share data visualizations on the web for free.

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