Talend Bolsters Usability of Big Data in 5.3 Release of Integration Platform

Talend, a global open source software provider, has released version 5.3 of its integration platform, scaling the integration of data, application and business processes of any complexity. Talend version 5.3 reduces the skill sets and development costs necessary to leverage big data and Hadoop by enabling integration developers without specific expertise to develop on big data platforms.

Talend version 5.3 contains new capabilities that simplify the deployment and management of Apache Hadoop and related technologies. “The big challenge that organizations are facing today is not about getting the data; it’s not about the platform to explore it; it’s really about people who are operating the platform. There is a big shortage of developers with big data and Hadoop skills, and a big shortage of data scientists,” Yves de Montcheuil, vice president of marketing at Talend, tells DBTA.

Version 5.3 generates native Hadoop code and runs data transformations directly inside Hadoop for maximum scalability. Data integration developers can build their jobs on Hadoop without requiring special programming skills. “Talend 5.3 enables big data integration for anybody who has integration skills by making it completely transparent that you are actually running big data. It’s going to run natively on Hadoop, so even if you don’t know Hadoop, you will get all the benefits of the performance and scalability of Hadoop,” Montcheuil adds.

The new graphical mapping functionality targeting big data in Talend 5.3 enables any developer to graphically build a data flow to take source data and transform it using a visual mapper, allowing them to quickly develop, test and preview their data jobs in a GUI environment instead of hand-coding. Also new in 5.3 is additional support for NoSQL databases in its integration solutions, including a new set of connectors for Couchbase, CouchDB and Neo4j. These connectors enable customers to migrate and synchronize data between NoSQL databases and all other data stores and systems.

Version 5.3 of the Talend integration platform is available now. For more information, visit