Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2017

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HANA—combines an ACID-compliant database with application services, high-speed analytics, and data acquisition tools in an in-memory platform with built-in application services that support the development and deployment of new business apps to deliver insight from big data and IoT

SAS Institute, Inc.
Viya—an open, cloud-ready, in-memory platform for analytics that offers a fluid, scalable, and fault-tolerant processing environment to help address complex analytical challenges

ScaleArc Database Load Balancing Software—helps organizations eliminate application downtime from database outages or maintenance, improve application performance, and scale database capacity

Search Technologies
Aspire—allows content from across the enterprise to be securely accessed, cleansed, normalized, and enriched to help search systems and analysis applications perform optimally

Sisense, Inc.
Sisense—simplifies business analytics for complex data by providing a complete solution for preparing, analyzing, and visualizing big or disparate datasets

SlamData, Inc.
SlamData—open source solution for visual analytics on complex modern data that supports sources such as MongoDB, Apache Spark on Hadoop, MarkLogic and Couchbase and, with the licensed version, SlamData Advanced Edition, delivers additional enterprise

SnapLogic, Inc.
SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform—the platform’s hybrid cloud architecture is powered by more than 300 “Snaps,” which are prebuilt integration components to simplify and automate complex enterprise integration patterns and processes

Snowflake Computing, Inc.
Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse—automates and simplifies administrative tasks for its cloud data warehouse service while improving data protection for diverse data and SQL queries in the cloud

Software AG
Software AG Apama Streaming Analytics—combines event processing, messaging, in-memory data management and visualization, and specializes in turning data streams— such as those produced by the Internet of Things—into meaningful real-time metrics

SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC
Database Performance Analyzer—monitors the entire
environment on premises, in the cloud, or as a service along with helping to quickly identify performance issues and eliminate database bottlenecks

SolarWindsJanis Griffin,
Database Performance Evangelist/Sr. DBA


With all the recent advancements in hardware, including flash storage, multi-core processors, and memory capacity, one would think that improving performance is as simple as spending money. However, the truth is that all modern relational databases have far too many moving parts to just assume that throwing hardware at the problem is always the best answer. Read on.

Splice Machine, Inc.
Splice Machine—an open source SQL RDBMS powered by Hadoop and Spark that enables companies to tap into existing SQL-trained resources and provides ODBC and JDBC drivers so companies can have connectivity to familiar BI and SQL tools

Splunk, Inc.
Splunk Enterprise—enabling operational intelligence from machine-generated data, the platform provides a range of search, visualization, and prepackaged content cases to support organizations in discovering and sharing insights

SentryOne (formerly SQL Sentry)
SQL Sentry for SQL Server—a combination of tools in a single unified solution to help users monitor and optimize the Microsoft data platform

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