Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2017

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IBM Corp.
IBM Cloud Services—provides users with a public cloud, managed services and hosting, networking, and managed hybrid IT, as well as design and architecture, implementation, virtualization services, backup and recovery, and security services

DB PowerStudio—combining four products (DBArtisan, DB Change Manager, DB Optimizer, and Rapid SQL) in one data management tool portfolio, the latest release was designed and built from the ground up by IDERA following the company’s acquisition of Embarcadero in October 2015 

Informatica, LLC
Informatica Big Data Management—offered in enterprise and advanced editions, the solution provides data integration, data governance, and data security on Hadoop in a platform that provides high-speed data ingestion, data integration on Hadoop, data pushdown optimization, and more 

Information Builders
WebFOCUS—an enterprise BI and analytics platform that provides “one-stop BI shopping” via an integrated portfolio of centralized and decentralized capabilities, including data management, visual discovery, predictive analytics, and operational intelligence 

Intel Corp.
Intel IoT Platform—includes end-to-end reference architectures and a family of products—from Intel and its ecosystem—that works with third-party solutions to provide a foundation for connecting devices, delivering data to the cloud, and enabling value through analytics

InterSystems Corp.
InterSystems Caché—a database management system and rapid application development environment that enables processing and analyzing complex big data and the development of web and mobile applications that can access the data

Innovative Routines International (IRI), The CoSort Company
Data Protector Suite—a collection of IRI software products that finds, classifies, and protects personally identifiable information and other “data at risk” to comply with government and industry regulations and international data privacy laws such as the EU Data Privacy Directive, LOPD, and POPI

Kore Technologies
Kourier Integrator—Kore’s flagship integration and data management suite has added capabilities to simplify the development, usability, and deployment of RESTful web services for real-time integration to MultiValue applications and provides the Kourier REST Gateway that offers secure data access to MultiValue applications from outside the corporate firewall

KoreMark Dobransky, 
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Kore Technologies
Kourier Integrator

Kore’s flagship product Kourier Integrator is used by organizations to extend the value and functionality of their enterprise applications by enabling them to integrate and connect with disparate databases and best-in-class applications. Read on.

Dataverse—a platform for data prep and analysis to address the needs of data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists, with optional support services available

Loggly, Inc.
Loggly—a cloud-based service that mines large quantities of log data in real time to reveal insights that help organizations understand what is going on with
their applications and why in order to enable better user experiences

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