Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2020

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Data Lake Solutions—provide end-to-end planning, deployment services, and expertise in big data platforms to deliver impactful benefits, democratize big data insights, and enable a wide range of flexibility and security options for today’s business users who rely on diverse applications and content     

Actian Avalanche—a fully managed cloud data warehouse available on the AWS cloud platform that delivers advanced levels of speed, flexibility, and economics to make it easier for companies to deploy and scale data analytics services in the cloud

Aerospike—a NoSQL database fueled by a hybrid-flash architecture and automated cluster management that offers proven uptime and high performance, combined with strong consistency and durability for the database architecture enterprises need

Alluxio Data Orchestration Platform—open source data orchestration technology that enables separation of storage and compute to help bring speed and agility to big data and AI workloads as well as reduce costs by eliminating data duplication

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
AWS Outposts—bring native AWS services, infrastructure, and operating models to data centers, co-location spaces, or on-premise facilities, and enable use of the same AWS APIs, tools, and infrastructure across on-premise and cloud deployments for a consistent hybrid experience

Aporeto Zero Trust Cloud Security—provides comprehensive network security through microsegmentation, and secure access to applications and infrastructure by using application identity rather than IP addresses, while also enabling visualization, proof of compliance, centralized policy management, and accelerated app migration across workloads

ASG-Enterprise Orchestrator—delivers cross-technology stack orchestration of critical enterprise value streams, with capabilities spanning mainframe to cloud, and offers the workload automation, value stream visibility, and DevOps tool-chain coordination required to optimize value streams

Attivio Cognitive Search and Insight Platform—combines self-learning technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and knowledge graphing to deliver a contextualized search and discovery experience with a secure enterprise platform that helps users to get highly personalized and relevant answers   

BigID Enterprise—helps companies manage their data privacy, security, and governance needs, and offers apps for advanced data automation and workflow, including data rights fulfillment, third-party data monitoring, consent governance, transfer policy, data risk, labeling, open access monitoring, and data registry

BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform—provides the next generation of IT automation to ease the burden on operations staff by improving time-to-incident resolution, increasing service availability, and driving down operational costs, ultimately helping IT teams support and accelerate digital transformation initiatives

Assaf Resnick, CEO and Co-Founder

Overwhelming IT noise, thousands of changes and ever-shifting topologies—today’s fast-moving IT stacks, which include cloud-native, hybrid-cloud and legacy applications and architectures—are a nightmare for IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams. Read on.

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