Trend-Setting Products in Data and Information Management for 2021

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SQream DB—a fully-featured GPU-accelerated data warehouse that is capable of handling complex queries, and features comprehensive ANSI SQL support to load, store, and analyze data by using advanced columnar techniques, along with high-throughput processors

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform—allows organizations to connect data silos, no matter their structure, velocity, or location, and—using SPARQL, a powerful, standards-based graph query language—can answer complex questions from data stored across multiple silos

Streamsets DataOps Platform—ensures continuous data flows for modern analytics, operationalizes the entire design-deploy-operate lifecycle, harnesses the speed, fragmentation, and pace of change, and delivers rapidly and continuously

Syniti Knowledge Platform—incorporates all functions of the Data Stewardship Platform (DSP) and additional capabilities, such as KnowledgeCapture, KnowledgeReuse, and DeepGuidance, to enable organizations to reuse data for faster outcomes and unlock its potential in context

Rex Ahlstrom Chief Strategy & Technology Officer

Unlock, Unleash and Experience the Value of Trusted Quality Data

During economic crises, like the 2008 financial crisis, organizations look to Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures (MA&D) to drive growth or shed non-core assets to free up capital. Read more.

Tableau—an analytics platform available as desktop, server, and hosted software, that allows users to connect, explore, and visualize their data to achieve insights through automated table and join recommendations powered by machine learning algorithms that simplify the search for the right data for analysis

Talend Data Fabric—combines data integration, integrity, and governance in a single, unified platform by providing an at-a-glance assessment of data’s health—quality, relevance, and popularity—to keep every employee informed and confident that they’re getting the data they need

Data Mastering at Scale—a platform consisting of cloud-native data mastering solutions that make it easy to connect internal and external data sources quickly to power analytic insights and drive business outcomes with machine learning that consolidates, cleanses, and categorizes data

Teradata Vantage—a cloud data analytics platform that unifies everything—data lakes, data warehouses, analytics, and new data sources and types, improving multi-cloud environments and offering flexible pricing and intelligence

TIBCO Any Data Hub—a blueprint that embraces distributed data environments and offers capabilities to support demand for accurate and consistent data across the organization, which will be supported by TIBCO’s planned acquisition of Information Builders, Inc. (ibi), announced in October

TigerGraph Cloud—provides users with a cloud-based service to model, search, and traverse relationships for analytic, transactional, and real-time workloads with simple querying and scalability to find patterns, make predictions, perform real-time transactions, and gain new insights

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